GIP China
WUZHOU YANGHE & PARTNERS is established as an intellectual property agency authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office and the Trademark Office of State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

WUZHOU YANGHE has a professional team consisted of patent attorneys and lawyers, members of which have Ph. D or Master Degrees, who had studied or worked overseas, had practiced long time in Chinese famous intellectual property firm, had handled patent affairs for famous domestic and oversea clients and obtained high approval from the clients, and have abundant legal knowledges and practice experiences. Dedicated Procedure handling staff and draft engineers are also included in the whole service term.

WUZHOU YANGHE is capable of handling not only basic affairs, such as translation of technical documents (including patent documents), patent application, registrations of trademark, IP recordation at customs and annuity fee management, but also high-level affairs, such as intellectual property trustiness and management, enterprise’s intellectual property planning and consultation, infringement litigation protection, and so on. The key members have been attained high approval from the client in the service qualities of relevant affairs, such as patent application and translation, office action argument, intellectual property strategies, and so on.

WUZHOU YANGHE practices in the mechanics, chemistry science, chemical engineering, bioscience, medical and pharmacy, metallurgy, electronic and electrical science, communication, semi-conductor, computer, and so on.

WUZHOU YANGHE would like to build a prospect of creating high-level talent persons, providing high-level service, attaining high-level achievement, establishing a mutually reliant and closely cooperative relationship and attaining win-win result between you and us based on the service provided under our philosophy of integrity, quality, professional and celerity while establishing talented team with positivity and inventiveness.

GIP China
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