Minyi WAN

Patent Attorney Assistant, Patent and Trademark Process Management

Practice Area:

Miss WAN entered into intellectual property field in 2013, is specialized in managing patent and trademark process.

Education & Training:

2013-2013 Waseda University, Social Science Major

2012-2012 Mitsumine Career Academy, Japanese Course

2007-2012 Beijing City University. Japanese Major and Tourism Management Major

Working Language:

Chinese, Japanese, and English

Zhifang ZHANG

Patent Engineer, Procedure Managing

Practice Area:

Mr. ZHANG entered into intellectual property field since 2015 and currently is responsible for Procedure Managing.

Education & Training:

2016-    GIP-China Beijing WuZhouYangHe and Partners

2015-2016 Beijing Keyi and Partners

2001-2015 Beijing Xinda-Dongfang Electronics Ltd.

1996-2000 People’s Public Security University of China, Department of Electronics and Communication, Bachelor Degree

Working Language:

Chinese and English

Zhuoyi JIANG

Patent Engineer

Practice Area:

Mr. JIANG entered into intellectual property field in 2016 and is experienced in drafting and translating patent application documents in communication, electric and electronic, mechanical fields, as well as responding to Office Actions and so on.

Education & Training:

2012-2015 Nippon Institute of Technology, Engineering College, Research Assistant

2007-2011 Shenyang University of Technology, Electrical Engineering, Bachelor Degree

Working Language:

Chinese, Japanese and English

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