Corporate Advisor

Tatsuzo Higashikawa plays his role as a Corporate Advisor for GIP China. His activities have been making important contribution on the stronger mutual relationship among the member offices of United GIPs, and GIP China is one of the member offices of United GIPs.

Tatsuzo Higashikawa holds a BS in Agricultural Science from Kinki University and an MBA from the University of Wales, and has also received 1-year academic training at the University of Kiel (CAU), Germany. Mr. Higashikawa had worked for two Kyoto-based companies specializing in Japanese traditional handicrafts, before joining Shinjyu Global IP in 1991 as the General Manager. Mr. Higashikawa has been involved in the establishment of all member firms of United GIPs, and he is currently in charge of management matters within United GIPs, in the cities of Tokyo, Osaka, Washington, DC, Seoul, Munich, Singapore, Delhi and Beijing.

He speaks English, Japanese and German

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